Make Electricity On Your Roof

Pay Less For Power

Sun rays are abundant; we get them almost daily in Florida. If you’re able to use the sun to power your home, utility companies will pay you back for any extra electricity that your solar system produces. So overall, you end up paying less for the exact same power.

Reach out, and we will have one of our energy specialists happily explain it.


Solar can help you tremendously by helping you cut those utility costs every single month.


Solar is known to help increase the equity in your home anywhere from 2% - 10%. Homes will also sell on average 10% faster!


Solar helps many customers become owners of their power. Ownership means you are the boss of your energy and you can use it how you see fit.


Solar provides green energy to your home while reducing the need for more harmful energy resources like coal.

Solar Systems
Designed For You

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we take the extra step to ensure all our solar plans are bespoke to your individual energy use profile.

Let’s maximise your savings.

A Service You Can Trust

When you choose to go solar with Solergy you can be assured that you are in safe hands. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency when talking to our customers about their options on going Solar with us.

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Allow us to help you through a complicated subject with a seamless and quick process. We look forward to helping you lower your monthly bills. 

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